Ship Cleaning

Katmar Divers Services carries out Underwater Cleaning of vessels including

  • Underwater Sea Cheast Cleaning
  • Underwater Flat Bottom Cleaning



Propeller Cleaning

Underwater propeller cleaning is made with specialized brushes and for the polishing are used diamond disks in order for the propeller to be more efficient




Katmar Diver Services is able to perform

  • Underwater security against leakage with dry weld




KATMAR Divers Services guarantees for the quality of the provision of underwater weld, due to the experience and professional training of the divers, who are certifed by Lloyd's Register of Shipping for their level 


Kalapanidas Paris has been serving since 1987.

Kalapanidas Paris has been serving since 1987.The owner of the company is Kalapanidas Paris with now over 30 years of ecxperience in underwater services.

Our stuff is ready,willing and able your need 24 hours a day,7 days a week.

We counts with the most modern underwater technology and tools.
All our services include properly trained staff.

Paris Kalapanidas has received approval from the British Classification Society (LR) ,Weldel Performance Qualification

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